Executive Director’s Message: Remembering Kurt Wellman

Executive Director’s Message: Remembering Kurt Wellman

By Janlee Wong, NASWCA Executive Director

Kurt Wellman passed away late last year and when the NASW-CA family learned of his passing, many of us were deeply saddened. I first met Kurt as a very energetic BSW student at San Diego State University (SDSU). You couldn’t miss Kurt. He was an older student who ..Read More…

Message from the Executive Director: Understanding Each Other

By Janlee Wong, MSW

The current controversy involving the incident with the Covington Catholic High School students, the Black Hebrew Israelites and Native Americans mirrors the political and racial divisions in our country today. High school students in Washington DC for a pro-life march, encounter others who are also expressing their opinion and views in ..Read More…

A Message from the NASW-CA Board President

By Dr. Sylvester Bowie

This is my first opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving as your chapter president and board chair. While some of our members have had their faith tested as they have faced challenges including fires, unhealthy air, school closure and other activities that might question the desire to give thanks.

There is ..Read More…

Squirrel Hill

By Janlee Wong, NASWCA Executive Director

The California Chapter of NASW echoes our sister Pennsylvania Chapter in offering our deepest condolences to the families, friends and communities of the victims in the Squirrel Hill synagogue mass killing.

Yes, some of our leaders have decried the shooting, but some haven’t or not adequately in ..Read More…