What’s in a Word(s)? Social Work Identity

What’s in a Word(s)? Social Work Identity

By Al Murdach LCSW (retired)

This column explores some of the meanings behind words that today have a significant impact upon the Social Work profession. Our words for today are: Social Work Identity.

Social Work has long been troubled by questions of identity, such as: What is Social Work? Who are Social Workers? ..Read More…

The Patient Self-Determination Act: What Does It Set Out to Do?


By Magnolia Cedeño, Almira Dang, Kenna Hartman, Amy Johnson, & Milagros Villareal

The Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 (PSDA) brings forth the importance of completing an advance directive. The objective of the PSDA is to inform individuals who receive some form of care in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc., about ..Read More…

Does HIPAA’s Privacy Rule Protect Patient Information?


By Jesus Aceves, Roxana Islas, Diana Muñoz, and Leanna Wagner

In the early 1990s, there was a technological shift that was occurring. Many things were moving to computer-based systems and health care was one of them. In an effort to move towards this change, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ..Read More…

Safe Injection Sites: More Than Just a Place to Shoot Up



By Magnolia Cedeno, Almira Dang, Kenna Hartman, Amy Johnson and Milagros Villarreal

Safe injection sites are a hot topic in California, as San Francisco plans to open sites in July. Safe injection sites have stirred up controversy due to a fear that they will encourage drug use. This rhetoric is often ..Read More…

Protective Measures: California Minimizes the Loss of Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance



By Jason Bloome

In October 2017, a federal judge sided with the Trump administration in a lawsuit filed by California and 17 other states that sought to compel the federal government to continue paying subsidies to lower the cost of health insurance for the benefit of millions of low-income residents. The impact ..Read More…