SLO Unit Winter 2018 Schedule

SLO Unit Winter 2018 Schedule

By Submitted by L. Jeannette Davis, DSW
Secretary, SLO Unit

On Thursday, January 25, Susan Farney, LMFT, will give a one (1) CEU presentation on “An Overview of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).” She will cover the history of EFT and its founder, how it works, and the emerging field of Energy Psychology. ..Read More…

Region D Co-Sponsors Jai’s Library Dedication


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Transgender/trans-sexual (hereby referred to as trans) youth have the highest suicide rates among population groups. Trans is a biological condition that emerges when a person is born one gender but emotionally relates more with the other. The problem is that there is a societal misperception about trans because of ..Read More…