Parent-Child Separation on the Southwestern Border

Preventing Forced Child Adoptions and Important Advocacy Actions for Social Workers

By Karen Smith Rotabi, MSW, MPH, PhD

People who seek asylum from “Northern Triangle” countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras have been suffering systematic human rights abuses on the Southwestern border. Specifically, the current Presidential administration’s “zero tolerance policy” has separated children from ..Read More…


Message from the Executive Director: Understanding Each Other

By Janlee Wong, MSW

The current controversy involving the incident with the Covington Catholic High School students, the Black Hebrew Israelites and Native Americans mirrors the political and racial divisions in our country today. High school students in Washington DC for a pro-life march, encounter others who are also expressing their opinion and views in ..Read More…


Proposed Amendment to NASW Bylaws

The NASW Board of Directors approved for vetting, a proposed amendment to the NASW Bylaws, Article XIV – Budget and Finance.  The proposed amendment will be accessible for a 90-day member review and comment period.  For your comment to be considered, it must be submitted at the link below, by close of business May 10, ..Read More…

Professional Development

AFCC-CA/Sacramento Outreach Group Mentorship Project

By Diane Wasznicky, Esq., CFLS, and Jack D. Love, MA, LMFT

For a number of years, the California chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC-CA) has attempted to address the decreasing numbers of mental health professionals qualified to serve in family law forensic roles. These roles include custody evaluations (FC§3110 and Evidence ..Read More…

Council Reports

API Council Report: Reflecting on 2018 and Hoping for 2019

By Jiewen ‘Janice’ Huang

It has been one year and two months since I took on the role of Co-chair for the Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Council (APISWC), Northern California of NASW. When I sighed with mixed emotions about how fast time flew by, I was hit by this deep appreciation for the growth ..Read More…


A Puzzle With Missing Pieces

MLTSS cannot succeed in California without integrating assisted living facilities.

By Jason Bloome

Managed Long Term Support and Services (MLTSS) programs are quickly expanding throughout the nation. More than 24 states have MLTSS programs which consist of State Medicaid Agencies providing capitated payments to managed care organizations (MCOs) for the provision of LTSS, often in ..Read More…


Virtual Ethics Round Table Event


Get Round Table Updates

The National Association of Social Workers is hosting a free Virtual Ethics Round Table on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET. During the live online broadcast, faculty, student, and field instructor panelists will examine the implications ..Read More…

Other News

2018-2019 Birdwoman Scholarship Winner Spotlight

Shurene Premo, BSW Candidate 2019, San Diego University

Haganee Mum! Ne Naneehaa Shurene Premo, Ne Toka Badi Nythe. Hello everyone!

My name is Shurene Premo, and I am from Duck Valley, Nevada. I come from the Great Basin Territory and I carry the Tosa Wihi (White Knife) clan in my bloodline. I am representing ..Read More…

Around the State

Submit Your Social Worker Nominations!

Every year, the California Chapter of NASW honors individuals who have made significant contributions to social work. It’s time to submit your nominations!

These include social workers who have performed outstanding work in the past few years (Social Worker of the Year); social workers who have a lifetime of major achievements (Lifetime Award); non-social workers ..Read More…