Executive Director’s Message: Idealism v. Reality — My Last Column

By Janlee Wong,
NASW-CA Executive Director

When I started my MSW program at San Francisco State University 45 years ago, I wanted to change a world filled with racism, inequality, poverty, and injustice. My classmates and I thought that we could make a significant difference with what we could learn in a professional social work program. We would ..Read More…


Social Work and VotER: Democracy Health Toolkits Available For Social Workers

The National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign has joined with VotER, a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative that is making voter registration quick and easy in health care settings and beyond across the country. VotER knows that for decades social work has been out in front doing the hard work of voter registration. Therefore, they offered us their FREE Healthy Democracy Kit that makes voter ..Read More…


OPINION: The State of Social Work in 2020 And Beyond

By Alex Michel (she/her/hers)
NASW-CA Chapter Membership Intern 

It is not enough to say that there is currently a crisis in America. The truth is that the broken systems that have become so apparent in the last few months have always been there, created in a strategic way to oppress and exploit BIPOC communities. COVID-19 and ..Read More…


Other News

STUDENT PETITION: Stop DMH of LA County From Cutting MHSA WET Stipend Program For Students

Submitted by Elizabeth Juarez,
MSW Candidate at CSU Dominguez Hills:

The MHSA WET Stipend Program supports diverse communities and meets their professional needs. This stipend program was developed in efforts to support strength-based Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychology students who will be entering the public mental health workforce upon graduation.

..Read More…

Political Action

ROCK THE VOTE: How To Vote In The Upcoming Election In California

As the election approaches, we would like to remind our members that it is important to encourage your clients, colleagues, and families to register and vote. Many issues that affect the communities we serve are on the ballot in California, as well as many local officials that are in charge of making many decisions that ..Read More…

Professional Development

Upcoming Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) Seminars From NASW

NASW Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) help members stay in-the-know in their specific area of practice and offers individual online communities of committed, like-minded peers. Along with the trusted communities, SPS offers more than 45 additional CE opportunities through live practice-specific webinars, newsletters, continuing education and other professional development activities.

Co-constructing Community: ..Read More…

Council Reports