March is Social Work Month

By Sylvester Bowie

March is social work month. The idea of having a month set apart to celebrate, encourage, and support the interest and work of social workers was first introduced by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in March 1963, the idea was first conceived and intended to introduce National Professional Social Work Month.

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Message from the Executive Director: Understanding Each Other

By Janlee Wong, MSW

The current controversy involving the incident with the Covington Catholic High School students, the Black Hebrew Israelites and Native Americans mirrors the political and racial divisions in our country today. High school students in Washington DC for a pro-life march, encounter others who are also expressing their opinion and views in ..Read More…


Elevate is 2019 Theme for National Social Work Month

(VENTURA COUNTY, Calif.)—National Professional Social Work Month in March 2019 is an opportunity for social workers around the globe, as well as their supporters, to educate the public about the invaluable contributions of the social work profession. Locally, Ventura Children and Family Services, Foster VC Kids, is celebrating their many dedicated social workers who work day ..Read More…

Professional Development

Register for the CalSWEC Title IV-E Summit

The 2019 CalSWEC Title IV-E Summit is an annual event that convenes
child welfare social work practitioners, educators, and CalSWEC Title IV-E
students. The Summit is intended to link social work theory with applied
practice, while providing opportunities for a diverse group of child
welfare stakeholders to network and learn from one another. 

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Council Reports

API Council Report: Reflecting on 2018 and Hoping for 2019

By Jiewen ‘Janice’ Huang

It has been one year and two months since I took on the role of Co-chair for the Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Council (APISWC), Northern California of NASW. When I sighed with mixed emotions about how fast time flew by, I was hit by this deep appreciation for the growth ..Read More…


What’s In a Word: Relationship

By Allison Murdach, LCSW (retired)

This column examines words which impact social work practice and are thus important for social workers to ponder and explore. Our word for this column is: relationship.

For decades a key social work term used to describe the interaction between professional social worker and client was relationship. This term, which ..Read More…

Other News

2018-2019 Birdwoman Scholarship Winner Spotlight

Kymberly Ketchum, MSW Candidate 2019, California State University, Sacramento

When did your social work career start?

My social work career began about eight years ago when I realized my passion for helping the youth affected by parental incarceration. Initially, I was introduced to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation through a loved one who ..Read More…


San Luis Obispo Unit to Honor R. Michael Teubner, LCSW

Submitted by L. Jeannette Davis, DSW

Secretary, SLO Unit

The San Luis Obispo Unit is honoring R. Michael Teubner, LCSW, as our 2019 Social Worker of the Year on Thursday, March 28th.

We will meet from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. We welcome guests to come, share in a dinner, and hear Michael talk about ..Read More…