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Social Work In Action: Gay For Good Organization Hosted Harvey Milk Day Food Drive In Los Angeles

Social Work In Action: Gay For Good Organization Hosted Harvey Milk Day Food Drive In Los Angeles

Submitted by Steve Gratwick, LCSW
Gay For Good co-founder, national board member

A group of social workers and community volunteers organized and participated in a food drive for Harvey Milk Day, this past weekend. The Los Angeles Chapter of the national volunteer group Gay For Good partnered with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office on a ..Read More…

NASW-CA’s Marin Unit and San Francisco Unit Hosted Virtual Networking Event

We’d like to thank the leaders of both Marin Unit and San Francisco Unit, as well as Jolene Hui and Rebbeca Gonzales for hosting and leading a virtual networking event last night!

The topics covered included:
● An understanding of NASW’s national resources to guide social workers practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic
● An overview ..Read More…

Volunteers For Contract Tracing Of Coronavirus Spread in LA County Needed

Social Workers! Los Angeles County is working hard to do a massive push for contact tracing of people infected with the novel coronavirus throughout the county in order to better assess how far the virus’s reach has been. This is a great opportunity for retired social workers who are looking for a way to volunteer ..Read More…

The Sacramento Bee: Newsom, Fresno’s Bitwise unveil online resource for Californians who’ve lost jobs amid coronavirus

Photo credit: The Sacramento Bee

By Tim Sheehan

From The Sacramento Bee:

Hundreds of thousands of California residents have already lost jobs to the coronavirus pandemic, as sprawling “stay-at-home” orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus shuttered non-essential businesses. The fast-spreading contagion is dealing a financial body slam to affected families as well as to ..Read More…

JOIN US! Los Angeles Board Of Supervisors Proclamation For Social Work Month On March 4th

Please join us on Wednesday, March 4th for Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors Meeting. We would like to get as many social workers as we can for a big show of support! Supervisor Hilda Solis will be making a Proclamation to designate March as Social Work Month! Social workers from Region I will also ..Read More…

REGION H: Community Meeting Being Held To Help Get Out The Vote on February 21st

 by Ahmanise Sanati, NASW-CA Region H Director

I received the honorable invitation to a community meeting with Congresswoman Maxine Waters late November with several other community members. We primarily discussed the new voting system happening in LA County, and the work we will be doing countywide to prepare for the upcoming election in March. Most ..Read More…

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Resources Available as California 2020 Census Approaches

NASW Members, as part of our mission to advocate for the clients we serve, it is our civic duty to do what we can to help get the word count and get everyone counted in California. As you may know, every ten years our federal government conducts a census to count everyone living in the ..Read More…

Press Release: Senators Glazer & McGuire Unveil Bills to Secure Cell Phone Towers, Provide Power Packs to Vulnerable Residents & Help Hospitals During Power Outages

Rebecca Gonzales, NASW-CA’s Director of Government Relations and Political Affairs, and our NASW-CA interns were in attendance at today’s press conference where Senator Glazer announced legislation to aid vulnerable residents have emergency access to electricity during natural disasters. Press release below:

Senator Steve Glazer, January 08, 2020 Photo credit: California Senate Democrats Wednesday, January 08, ..Read More…