How Social Workers Can Respond to DACA Crisis


Imagine being ripped apart from the home, the only home you may know and separated from your friends, loved ones and everything you know. Imagine not knowing whether you may be able to continue an education and pursue a profession you have worked hard towards achieving and you have dreamed of all ..Read More…


Message from the Executive Director

The Dream Is Not Ending, It’s Only Beginning

By NASWCA Executive Director Janlee Wong, MSW

The Trump Administration decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has many thinking the “nightmare” of immigration raids and deportations has begun for this remarkable and successful group of children and adults. The National Association ..Read More…


Political Action

2017 Has Been a Busy Year So Far


By Rebecca Gonzales

This year has been a particulary busy year for legislation, partially in response to actions by the Trump administration. Many members of the Democratic caucus have introduced bills as a way to protect against federal actions, especially in the areas of immigration and healthcare. The State Assembly also increased ..Read More…

Council Reports

NASWCA Women’s Council Report


Disregard of Human Dignity In the Context of Social Service Delivery

By Marilyn Montenegro

In spite of clearly inadequate housing there was no agency to provide services designed to place my former client in safe, appropriate and affordable housing. After months of research and advocacy Norma is paying 60 percent of her income to ..Read More…



Protecting CCRC Prospective Residents


How can CCRC prospective residents be protected from financial misinformation by marketing directors when they apply and are accepted into a CCRC facility?

By Lillian Hyatt

In 2006, I wrote a column dealing with psychosocial and emotional abuse that residents can be subjected to if they enter into a CCRC. In ..Read More…


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