The recent California wild fires have been a disaster of the greatest proportions for California and the thousands that have been affected.  Social workers and mental health are what’s called the “second responders” after the public safety personnel and the emergency evaluation shelters.

California has frequent wild fires every year and certainly many ..Read More…


Mental Health Issue or Not: There Are Too Many Guns Out There


By Janlee Wong

Sadly, the political discourse in this country has become so polarized (aided and abetted by the White House) that instead of discussing the massive availability of guns in this country as contributing to mass shootings, politicians dismiss the issue as the actions of a “deranged” individual for which nothing ..Read More…


Political Action

Council Reports

NASWCA Women’s Council Report


Disregard of Human Dignity In the Context of Social Service Delivery

By Marilyn Montenegro

In spite of clearly inadequate housing there was no agency to provide services designed to place my former client in safe, appropriate and affordable housing. After months of research and advocacy Norma is paying 60 percent of her income to ..Read More…



What’s in a Word? Burnout


By Al Murdach, LCSW (retired)

This column explores some of the meanings behind words that today have a significant impact upon the social work profession. Our word for today is: burnout.

“Burnout” has been described as a stress disorder characterized by “a psychological state of physical and emotional exhaustion” coupled with “a ..Read More…


Other News

International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) 


NASW has issued a statement to welcome the introduction of the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) in the Senate.

Along with other members of the Coalition to End Violence Against Women and Girls Globally NASW urges Congress pass this legislation quickly.

For more information on this legislation, contact NASW Senior Practice Associate Rita Webb ..Read More…