San Diego Homeless Count Up 5 Percent in 2017

The number of homeless people living in San Diego County is up about 5 percent over last year, and more of them are living without any type of shelter, according to numbers released Thursday from an annual countywide tally.

Organizers said the January count tallied 9,116 homeless people in the county, up from ..Read More…


Message from the Executive Director

Surviving Trump

By NASWCA Executive Director Janlee Wong

Almost two-and-one-half months into the Trump administration, we still are blitzed every day with some form of Trump or Trump-related news, most of which is antithetical to what social workers believe. Most of this 24/7 blitz still seems to be generated through Tweets or the sudden ..Read More…


NASWCA Annual Social Worker Awards Deadline Extended


The deadline has been extended to May 31, 2017!

Please submit all nominations and materials by this date.

Every year, the California Chapter of NASW honors individuals who have made significant contributions to social work.

These include social workers who have performed outstanding work in the past few years (Social Worker of the Year); social ..Read More…

Political Action

New Bill Introduced to Create Children’s Savings Accounts

 By Lisa Kopochinski, NASW-CA Editor

In December, Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian (AD 46) introduced a bill to create Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) for every newborn in the state of California.

Yes, when the bill is passed, every child born in California will leave the hospital with financial assets—money in a 529 account! CSA is a ..Read More…

Professional Development

Council Reports


The Jane Addams Model

By David Brooks

These days everything puts me in mind of Jane Addams. Many of the social problems we face today — the fraying social fabric, widening inequality, anxieties over immigration, concentrated poverty, the return of cartoonish hyper-masculinity — are the same problems she faced 130 years ago. And in many ways her responses ..Read More…


Symposium on Fairness and Equity Issues in Child Welfare Training and Education

This year’s Symposium on Fairness and Equity Issues in Child Welfare Training and Education — Equity From the Start — concerns equalizing developmental opportunities for children in the child welfare system during the critical period of early childhood. Administrators, trainers, and educators in child welfare, partnering agencies, and related child-serving fields are welcome to attend.

The event will ..Read More…

Other News

Implementing Smoking Cessation Into Your Social Work Practice






In the United States, smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death (www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fast_facts/). Although smoking rates have declined overall, individuals with mental health and substance use disorders disproportionately use tobacco products, affecting long-term health and lifespan. Social workers are in a unique position to advance smoking ..Read More…


Region D Co-Sponsors Jai’s Library Dedication


(image from Facebook)

Transgender/trans-sexual (hereby referred to as trans) youth have the highest suicide rates among population groups. Trans is a biological condition that emerges when a person is born one gender but emotionally relates more with the other. The problem is that there is a societal misperception about trans because of ..Read More…