Never Give Up

Never Give Up

By Janlee Wong, NASWCA Executive Director

Throughout the arduous and lengthy presidential campaign, we were subjected to incredible negative forces, running the gamut from calling Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals” to calling for the prosecution and imprisonment of the Democratic candidate. With each outrageous tweet or statement, which normally would spell the end of ..Read More…

Post-Election Stress and Anxiety (PESA)

By Janlee Wong

The shocking perhaps terrifying election results are in and many social workers are dismayed, depressed and severely anxious about the country’s future.  Already suffering from election stress many are now suffering from post-election stress and anxiety (PESA).  As professionals who help others, here are some ideas on helping ourselves.

Learn about ..Read More…


The Modernization Controversy

By Janlee Wong

Three years in the planning and implementation stage, NASW’s Modernization and Revitalization Plan started Phase 1 of implementation July 1, 2016. Since it’s in the early planning stages, Modernization has been controversial and many leaders and members are opposed to it.

Opponents have cited a number of ..Read More…

From the NASW-CA Executive Director and NASW-CA President

Gabriel F.

By Janlee Wong, MSW, Executive Director, NASW-CA and Catharine J. Ralph, NASW-CA President

The news that four Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) workers have been indicted for criminal child abuse and falsification of documents in a ..Read More…