March is National Social Work Month 2015


Social Work Paves the Way for Change

2015 marks a special year for the social work community.

The National Association of Social Workers celebrates its 60-year anniversary this year in March of 2015. It will begin an 8-month celebration that will end in October, the month NASW was founded in 1955.

This year’s social work month theme is “Social Work Paves the Way.” The focus of this theme is to educate the public about how social workers and the association have brought about major positive social changes, improved the lives of individuals and families, and will continue to do so in the future.

NASW as well as NASW-CA,, regions throughout California will be hosting a variety of events to honor social workers in the month of March. In the past, regions have hosted different types of events including awards dinners and outdoors outings.

NASW’s website,, will feature an Interactive Timeline that features important events in NASW’s history and the impact of the association. The site will also feature testimonials from NASW members in different stages of their careers to highlight all of the accomplishments that social workers have contributed over the years as well as the benefits of the association.

Also available on the site is, “Lifelines: Stories from the Human Safety Net,” a media project of the University of Maryland Journalism Center on Children and Families (JCCF) and NASW that tells stories of how social workers help others from a variety of backgrounds to overcome life’s challenges.  

For more information regarding the national campaign: