Why We Can’t Just Criminalize Bullying and Think the Problem Is Solved: A Political Action Experience

Why We Can’t Just Criminalize Bullying and Think the Problem Is Solved: A Political Action Experience

By Kambria Rombough

Bullying is a widespread problem in our country. Recent studies determined that 20 percent to 35 percent of children and adolescents have been involved in bullying as either the perpetrator or victim (Levy, et al., 2012).

Unfortunately, researchers have also found a significant correlation between bullying victimization and increased ..Read More…

A Call to Farms: Social Workers’ Role in Urban Agriculture

By Melanie Dosen

The issue of food scarcity among urban, low-income ethnic minority groups is of the utmost importance to the field of social work. Eleven-and-a-half million people in the United States live in low income areas that are more than one mile away from a supermarket or grocery chain that sells ..Read More…

Is It Justice or Just Us?

Questioning the Constitutionality of Civil Gang Injunctions and Sentence Enhancements

By Monica Burke

In 1986 it was estimated that there were more than 600 active gangs in California (Libman, 2012). Between the years of 1981 and 2000 there were reportedly 10,000 gang related crimes committed in California primarily in ..Read More…

The Need for a Comprehensive Training Curriculum to Support LGBTQ Foster Care Youth  

By Brittany Little, BSW

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning foster youth are systematically not being acknowledged, engaged and supported within the foster care system across the country. A policy change is necessary regarding these youth as they are overrepresented within the foster care system and they have ultimately come to ..Read More…

What About the Children and Secondhand Marijuana Smoke: A Candid Discussion for Social Workers

By Honey Moncur


In recent years, researchers have identified that marijuana contains 50 percent higher concentrations of cancer causing compounds than cigarettes (Singh et al., 2009), damages the DNA of the user (Hollister, 1992) and harms the fetus of women who smoke marijuana during pregnancy (Marroun et al., 2011). Yet little ..Read More…

Safe Parking Needs to be Implemented Statewide

By Kelly Chiaroni

Homelessness in the state of California is an important issue that needs to be further addressed by government leaders and social service organizations. The federal government defines homelessness as a person who lacks a regular, adequate nighttime residence or having a residence that is a temporary private or publically ..Read More…

Where Will They Go? Fostering Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth

By Megan Humphreys, MSW

Sex trafficking among children and youth continues to be a rampant part of society. Around the globe, 1.8 million youth are involved in sex trafficking through prostitution and pornography every year (Melilli & Molnar, 2013).

Common misconception holds that trafficking only occurs in countries other than the United ..Read More…