Student Spotlight

Andrea Robinson, BASW Class of 2018, Humboldt State University 

How did you become interested in pursuing social work?

I think, like many of us, personal events in our life influence our decision to become social workers. I also view social work as a way to fight social injustice, whether it be on a micro or a macro level. What is great about social work is that there are so many options and different fields to work in within the social work realm.

What area of social work are you most interested in? Why?

I am most interested in working in policy. I want to be a part of promoting social change through education and legislation. I think more policies should be focused on preventative measures and early intervention. Working in policy and legislation are some of the most important components of social work, but also one of the most under talked about career options in social work courses. This is why Lobby Days is such a great opportunity for social work students to learn about the legislation process and how they can impact policies.

What made you decide to become an NASW member?

I decided to become a NASW member, because I wanted to be a part of a larger social work community. I love my Humboldt community and my social work cohort, but I wanted to know what is happening in other places. It also is a great resource for reading news that directly pertains to social work.

What are your interests outside of social work?

When I’m not at school, or at my internship at Two Feathers Native America Family Services, then I am usually reading books, spending time with friends/family/pets, or watching the Mindy Project.

What advice would you give to future social work students?

The advice I would give to future social work students is to build strong relationships with your peers. The friends I have made in the social work program at Humboldt State University are some of my best supports. They will understand what you are going through and maybe even be willing to pull late-nighters with you studying in the library.