1.2. Statement of Purpose

This is to invite proposals to manage the first stage of the revision and update of the NASW California Chapter Centennial Posters.  This would include revision of existing content, development of new content and working with graphic artists and information technology professionals to develop proposals for new digital formats and display strategies.

Under a separate contract, stage two and three of the project would be to oversee the development of the digital design and format, production of the newly formatted products and formation of a display strategy for the new products.

1.3. Background Information

The original 8 posters were created almost 20 years ago and formed the basis for a traveling exhibit to inform the public and social workers of the 100 year history of professional social work.  The posters were created on a laminate plastic surface and are available for review from the NASW California Chapter Sacramento offices or the University of Southern California (USC) Social Work Archives.  No digital copy of the posters or their content exist today.

1.4. Scope of Work

  1. The contractor will revise the content of the original posters as needed to reflect current information about professional social work history as well as collect, develop and organize new content in consultation with NASW’s Image Council.
  2. The contractor will solicit proposals from graphic artists and information technology professionals to develop new digital formats that include printed and digital versions of the posters as well as displaying the information on websites and via multimedia formats such as Youtube videos.
  3. The contractor will obtain permission to use all copyrighted content including but not limited to photographs, text and graphics.

1.5. Outcome and Performance Standards

  1. The Contractor will provide regular progress update reports to NASW on a monthly basis.
  2. The Contractor will identify decision points (content, design, format) and present them to the Image Council for resolution.

1.6. Deliverables

  1. The Contractor will provide a final report on the content revision and update which will include the actual material (photos, text, graphics, etc.) that will be used to produce the new posters and other digital formats.
  2. The Contractor will develop and collect request for proposals for the graphic and digital design work along with recommendations.

1.7. Term of Contract

  1. The contract will start February 16, 2018 and end June 30, 2018.
  2. Requests to extend the contract will be considered at the June 10, 2018 Chapter Board of Directors meeting.
  3. The Contractor may propose a new contract to oversee the digital design stage as well as the production stage of the project.

1.8. Payments, Incentives, and Penalties

The Contractor will submit a bid for services and terms of payment.

1.9. Contractual Terms and Conditions

If the proposal is accepted, references will be requested.

1.10. Requirements for Proposal Preparation

The proposal will be submitted in an electronic format and emailed to Jolene Hui at

1.11. Evaluation and Award Process

The Image Council will evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to the Chapter Program Committee and the Chapter Board of Directors at their January 27, 2018 meeting.  The winning contractor will be notified within one week of the decision.

1.12. Process Schedule

Proposal deadline:  December 31, 2017.

1.13. Points of contact for future correspondence

For more information or questions contact:  Jolene Hui, Membership Director, at or 916-379-7577