NASW-CA Executive Director Janlee Wong Announces Retirement After 25 Years Of Service

After 25 years as the Executive Director of the California Chapter, I will be retiring as of July 31, 2020. My early social work career averaged 5-6 years per job as it is for many social workers. So, staying as long as I have, meant how ideal the NASW job was for me. I’ve accomplished what I wanted to at NASW but there’s a lot left to do for the future. The Chapter is in good shape and I know a new person will have new and innovative ideas. I want to thank the past and present NASW leaders, the Chapter and National staff, my fellow Chapter Executives and NASW members for helping me do the job and to grow as a person and a social worker. Because of this, I know the transition will be smooth and the new person will bring lots of energy and excitement as I did when I first arrived. I hope to continue to be involved in professional social work, policy and social action. The fight for social justice doesn’t ever end, it continues like an irresistible tide of change.

Given the worldwide pandemic emergency, I plan to continue to help as best as I can in whatever capacity that I’m in.

The next steps will be led by our National Office and Human Resources Department. A search committee has been convened and Board members will be involved. Please find the job announcement for my position at and please distribute widely:

Thank you again for the privilege to serve professional social workers in California but also throughout the nation and the world.

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