Traveling this Summer? Don’t Forget Your Continuing Education!

The NASW-CA Chapter Online CE Program offers continuing education courses in a variety of formats to suit different learning preferences, including course PDFs and other portable formats for learning on the go.

The Online CE program includes courses in five different learning formats, depending on the material covered:

  • Book-based and text-based courses offer the convenience of learning anywhere, including away from the computer, and simply returning to the program website to complete the online posttest.
  • Multimedia 1 courses are primarily text material, supplemented with online resources such as short video clips, web documents, and external websites with additional tools. Course PDFs are available for those who prefer to read offline.
  • For those who would rather learn by watching and listening than by reading, Multimedia 2 and film-based courses rely primarily on expert lecture presentations or professionally produced films, supplemented by limited additional text resources.

Many courses also incorporate case vignettes and reader exercises, so that practitioners can reflect on key points in the material and incorporate these into their practice. For the complete course catalog in all learning formats, visit