Social Work and VotER: Democracy Health Toolkits Available For Social Workers

The National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign has joined with VotER, a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative that is making voter registration quick and easy in health care settings and beyond across the country. VotER knows that for decades social work has been out in front doing the hard work of voter registration. Therefore, they offered us their FREE Healthy Democracy Kit that makes voter registration even easier. TheKit includes tools like lanyards, badges and posters that allow people to register to vote on their own phones in 90 seconds or less.VotER was launched through a collaboration between Massachusetts General Hospital and Turbo Vote. 

How It Works

VotER’s new Healthy Democracy Kit provides simple ways that social workers in all settings–including online–can help clients, students, staff, communities and others exercise their fundamental right to vote.  Individuals and communities that vote are better off in significant and meaningful measures of well-being. The National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign and VotER are committed to supporting every individuals fundamental right to vote.  It’s non-partisan, giving people information and access to voting, and never about who to vote for.

Registering Voters In Person

Social workers across all specialties can help get their clients registered to vote with VotER badge backers. It’s as simple as giving people the QR code and letting them scan it on their phone. The site guides them from there!   Register for your free healthy democracy kit now! 

Registering Voters in telehealth and online settings

Social workers can still engage and register people to vote in this new on-line and tele-health environment. Go to to find a simple conversation prompt you can use to register students, clients, faculty, colleagues, and others!  

It is more critical than ever that social workers help people, especially the disenfranchised, to register and to vote.

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