International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners Announces Contest for Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapists

July 2nd 2020

For the past several months, we have been following your blogs, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and reading the inspiring ways that Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapist have found creative ways to provide room visits and activities for social distancing.

 We have witnessed the amazing and often times emotional messages and photos you have posted to each other and we are all forever changed. One activity that has caught our eye are the unique carts. They are often colorful, themed, seasonal, powerful, uplifting, joyful and often times funny. We want to capture your ideas and award your commitment to continuously provide fulfilling days for your residents and customers. You will be judged on originality and success-oriented cart. We don’t especially like the word Cart, so feel free to use another word to describe your room visit mobile activity.

Contest is now open!!!

  • Deadline to submit your entry is August 1st, 2020
  • Award: $1,000.00. Payable to the person submitting the entry form.
  • Winner will be announced: August 3rd 2020.
  • Must use the entry form and e-mailed ONLY to
  • All entries become the property of the ICCDP and will not be returned. ICCDP may use the entries in articles, post to the NCCDP / ICCDP web site, social media, publications, press release or e publication and future books.
  • All entries must be your own original idea.
  • You must provide permission to photograph form if a resident is shown in the photo and your administrator must sign that document.
  • All employees in the pictures must provide permission to print.
  • All entries must be emailed in with the name of the cart, names of the people shown in the photo, name of your organization with directions on how to create the cart.
  • A photo of the cart must accompany the entry.
  • The cart be any category or theme such as; horticulture, religions, holidays, intergenerational, animals, crafts, building, country, music, food, etc.
  • Any medium can be used and include music if you like. Totally up to you.
  • Can be a previous idea. Let your imagination soar!

You can find the full description and submission form in the following PDF version: