Beware: Fraudulent Calls

I’ve received two calls in the past 10 days from two licensees (LMFT & LCSW). The licensees report receiving multiple calls that complaints have been filed against them. The caller states that federal agencies (FBI, CIA) are also aware of the complaints.  The caller then demands the licensee provide their license number and personal identifying information.  Both licensees declined to provide the information and reported the calls to the Board.

Clearly, the calls are fraudulent. The Board never contacts a subject of a complaint and requires the subject to provide personal identifying information-we already have it on file.  If you are contacted by a licensee/registrant regarding this type of call, please inform them that the call is fraudulent.

Thank you.

Kim Madsen

Executive Officer

Board of Behavioral Sciences

P (916) 574-7841   F (16) 574-8625