I am looking for therapists to rent office space in Glendale, Los Angeles County. I have 3 lovely windowed full-time unfurnished offices and one furnished interior office available. The area is walkable, safe, with plenty of parking. Lovely 3-story office building with center atrium. Group room, meditation room, kitchen. These are comments people have made about the offices:

“What a beautiful, serene suite of offices!”

“The space you have developed is extraordinary. It is so inviting and so comfortable.” “…amazing layout, color, furniture, everything in your office.”

“…congratulations you on your new office. Absolutely beautiful! Your clients will appreciate and love it.”

“It is very beautiful with flowers right outside the windows and pleasant decor. The office is located centrally in Glendale and is accessible by car and bus. There is a courtyard with places to sit amongst greenery and a peacefulness and quiet that is very soothing. I strongly suggest anyone looking for an office to look at her offices first.”

Please contact me directly at or 323-683-3624 Text/cell