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Executive Director’s Message: Gilroy Shooting

Executive Director’s Message: Gilroy Shooting

By Janlee Wong, MSW, NASWCA Executive Director

Sadly, mass shootings, as well as gun violence in general, have become commonplace, and too frequent in the U.S. and around the world.  Some say it’s been normalized, spread by the Internet and social media. Others include such reasons as the widespread proliferation of guns despite continuing gun ..Read More…

Message from the Executive Director: Understanding Each Other

By Janlee Wong, MSW

The current controversy involving the incident with the Covington Catholic High School students, the Black Hebrew Israelites and Native Americans mirrors the political and racial divisions in our country today. High school students in Washington DC for a pro-life march, encounter others who are also expressing their opinion and views in ..Read More…

Message from the Executive Director

The Dream Is Not Ending, It’s Only Beginning

By NASWCA Executive Director Janlee Wong, MSW

The Trump Administration decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has many thinking the “nightmare” of immigration raids and deportations has begun for this remarkable and successful group of children and adults. The National Association ..Read More…

Message from the Executive Director

My Conversation with a Republican

By Janlee Wong, NASWCA Executive Director

For several of my columns since last November’s election, I’ve encouraged conversations with Republicans, particularly Trump supporters.  Based on a National Public Radio interview with Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), I’ve constructed the following imaginary conversation on health care.

WONG:  What about the ..Read More…