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Volunteers For Contract Tracing Of Coronavirus Spread in LA County Needed

Volunteers For Contract Tracing Of Coronavirus Spread in LA County Needed

Social Workers! Los Angeles County is working hard to do a massive push for contact tracing of people infected with the novel coronavirus throughout the county in order to better assess how far the virus’s reach has been. This is a great opportunity for retired social workers who are looking for a way to volunteer ..Read More…

FEATURE: Staying Mentally Healthy During a Pandemic

By Darryl Webster, MSW, LICSW

As a clinical social worker and former doomsday thinker in my youth, I grew up thinking all sorts of negative and catastrophic thoughts that stressed me out.

I thought I was going to die from all kinds of maladies. These thoughts and my inability to cope caused me to suffer ..Read More…


The NASW California Chapter is cancelling its April 19-20, 2020 Lobby Days event due to the worsening COVID-19 situation. We are following guidance from California Governor Newsom, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the California State Department of Public Health, and local governments regarding the cancellation of mass events. Our event is also impacted by the ..Read More…

NASW-CA Update Regarding Our Annual Lobby Days Amid Coronavirus Fears

Coronavirus Disease – COVID-19

The National Association of Social Workers California Chapter is closely monitoring developments related to the respiratory illness commonly referred to as the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Based on the information we have at this time, the NASW CA 2020 Lobby Days Conference, scheduled for the dates of April 19 and 20, is ..Read More…

IMPORTANT: Please Share With Your Networks Information from CDC Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current understanding about how the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads is largely based on what is known about similar coronaviruses. COVID-19 is a new disease and there is more to learn about how it spreads, the severity of illness it causes, and to what extent it may spread in the United States.

..Read More…

Mental Health Education Resources: Coronavirus and Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Our NCTSN partner from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress at the Uniformed Services University created mental health education resources to address the Coronavirus and emerging infectious disease outbreaks, including:

·         Taking Care of Your Family

·         How Healthcare Personnel Can Support Military Families and their Health

·         Sustaining the Well-Being of Healthcare Personnel

·          ..Read More…