Social Action Social Justice Council Report: Healing Through Resistance Event a Success! 

Social Action Social Justice Council members participated in the 11th Annual Social Justice Symposium, held on January 28, 2017 at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley, with some 500-plus students and community members attending.

Under this year’s theme, “Healing Through Resistance,” the event featured 26 workshop sessions on topics ranging from homelessness to rules for dealing with police. The most well-attended sessions dealt with advocacy for the undocumented and racial justice.  SASJC liaison to Veterans for Peace Sam Coleman presented a workshop on overcoming the tension between meeting veterans’ needs and bureaucratic indifference rooted in money politics.

Co-presenter Shannon Kissinger, Community Education Coordinator for San Francisco-based Swords to Plowshares, provided an overview of StP history and services.  Describing his own experience as a veteran, Shannon gave participants a fresh and authoritative perspective on the present-day veteran experience.

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