Psychotherapy Office / Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers

Enjoy the benefits of working in a prestigious medical facility in the heart of Los Angeles. Large, windowed office. Modern class A building. Excellent soundproofing. Share suite with 2 psychiatrists/psychotherapists and an LMFT. Includes waiting room with call lighting system. in-suite bathroom, secretarial area, refrigerator, microwave, coffee-making facility. Separate entrance and exit. Part-time secretarial service, Wi-Fi and fax connectivity available. 

This is a very stable office suite, with 2 psychiatrists that have practiced here full-time for over 25 years.  Join us, and become part of a world class medical community. 

For inquires to schedule a visit, contact Anna Reyner, MA, LMFT at

310 497-2303 or email