From the President

Changes and Awareness for Social Workers in 2014

 By Shirley Gentilini, MSW, LCSWShirley Gentilini

As February begins, NASW-CA’s California News will be strictly online. This will be an advantage to those who would like to write longer articles, as there will no longer be a 250-word limit. Another advantage is that information from articles submitted will be more current. Those more comfortable with reading and writing articles from their computer will be happy with the changes. For the more practical, saving paper and helping our California chapter reduce expenses will be appreciated.

In addition to reading California News online, I also read the National NASW news online. In doing this, I found a resource for social workers in private practice to help them keep more current with ongoing changes. One website for a monthly teleconference call is “An Hour with Private Practice.” This website gives information on changes such as the January 15, 2014 call which is titled, “Major Changes to Clinical Social Workers in 2014.” There are former topics listed as well as upcoming topics. When you access the website, you can call a toll-free number: (866) 575-6534. On your call, you have the opportunity to learn and also give your feedback.

The theme for this Social Work Month in March is “All People Matter.” Social Work Month gives us the opportunity to recognize and honor those social workers and their valuable contribution to our profession. With outside media attention, our profession can shine and show our vital contribution to society. We have 650,000 professional social workers who work in every community across the country. Let us recognize and nominate those social workers employed in California. This nominating process can begin with your local unit and region. Later your candidate may be chosen as Social Worker of the Year in California, and may go on to be the National Social Worker of the Year Awardee.