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CADD Corner: Climate Change and Climate Justice from Macro to Micro Actions

CADD Corner: Climate Change and Climate Justice from Macro to Micro Actions

By Dr. Laurie Smith, School of Social Work Director at CSUSB

This past summer, I had the privilege of attending the international Social Work Education and Social Development conference in Dublin, Ireland. Keynoting was Mary Robinson, the President of Ireland from 1990 to 1997. Besides being impressed to finally see a female head ..Read More…

Tips and Resources for Online Students


By Maricella Kline, NASW-CA Membership Coordinator

Many people want to further their careers by earning a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree but for a variety of reasons attending an on-campus program is not an option. A 100 percent online MSW program allows these individuals the opportunity to advance their knowledge and ..Read More…

2019 Law Changes: California Licensing Process Changes for LCSWs

In the coming year, there will be many law changes that you need to be aware of as a Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) licensee, registrant or applicant. While this document highlights some of the bigger changes, the Board highly recommends reading the bills referenced for greater clarity. The discussed changes become effective ..Read More…

Building My Social Work Vision at My First NASW-CA Conference



By Cklara Moradian, California State University, Northridge, MSW Candidate 2019

Displacement has forever imprinted a sense of loss and otherness in my heart. As a former refugee, belonging seems like an elusive chase, and by that I mean there’s often a nagging feeling that I’ll never really be at ease anywhere.

Historically, that ..Read More…

Student Spotlight

Korina Vigil, Title IV-E Student, MSW Candidate 2019, San Francisco State University

Submitted by Marcos Seide, NASW-CA Student Director North

How did you become interested in pursuing social work?

I became interested in pursuing social work (MSW) during my undergrad at Sonoma State University. A professor—who quickly became my mentor—encouraged me to pursue ..Read More…

Top 5 FAQs from NASW Chapter Reviews


While working ASI booths at NASW Chapter conferences around the nation, and at other events, we have received many similar questions that appear to be core issues among social workers.  Here are the top five most frequently asked questions with answers.










Student Spotlight: Angela Eaves-Lewis

Angela Eaves-Lewis, MSW Candidate 2019

California State University, Long Beach, Distance Education Program

Submitted by Amanda Silva, NASW-CA Student Director South


How did you become interested in pursuing social work?

I fell into social work like everyone else! I worked in retail and my partner talked me into visiting her at her ..Read More…