A3PCON Working to Offer Free Mental Health Services to DACA Recipients and Families

As some of you know, A3PCON is currently working to assemble a network of member organizations who will offer free mental health services to DACA recipients and their families.  A number of groups, including KFAM, SSG, CSC, PACS, SAN, and APAIT, have already committed to providing such services to a limited number of clients on a short term basis.I am reaching out to ask if there are other A3PCON member organizations who might be willing to join them in providing free mental health services to API DACA families.  Given the expected increases in anxiety, depression and other conditions after the president’s decision to end the DACA program a few weeks ago, it’s important that our organizations offer these much-needed services on a pro bono basis to DREAMERS and their families.

The individuals we would like to serve include the following:

  • under 18– DACA recipients and/or their siblings
  • 18-65- DACA recipients, their siblings and/or parents
  • over 65- parents/guardians of DACA recipients

If you have not already responded, please let me know if your organization can participate and if so, the number of clients your staff would be willing to see as well as the number of sessions you could offer per client.

It would be great if you can provide an answer ASAP as we are trying to pull this together by the end of the week.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  I can be reached by email or by cell at 310-922-8052.


Manjusha P. Kulkarni, Esq.
Executive Director
Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council
905 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
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