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My Journey from Homeless Youth to Earning an MSW

My Journey from Homeless Youth to Earning an MSW


By Erik James Escareño

Being raised in a family associated with gangs made it difficult to stray onto a different path.

I started using drugs at the age of nine, which progressed into a serious addiction. Growing up, I endured many traumas that was remedied by the use of substances. At ..Read More…

CADD CORNER: Thinking of a Doctoral Degree? Here are the Differences


By Evaon Wong-Kim, PhD, Director, CSU Los Angeles School of Social Work

After I completed my MSW/MPH dual-degree program at Cal I started working full time as a medical social worker. During this time, I also collected enough hours toward my LCSW and after taking all the needed courses and prep courses for ..Read More…

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work: But Some Things Do



Traditional methods can backfire, but ideas like teaching bystanders to intervene and promoting more women have proved effective.

Many people are familiar with typical corporate sexual harassment training: clicking through a PowerPoint, checking a box that you read the employee handbook or attending a mandatory seminar at which someone lectures about harassment ..Read More…

NASWCA Member Promotion Spotlight


NASW-CA member Vanessa Cuevas-Romero, MSW, was recently promoted as the new Youth Initiatives Officer at Sacramento Native American Health Center, Inc. (SNAHC).

Her new position entails developing a community-based system of care for American Indian/Alaskan Native children with mental health needs, suicide and substance use. Her main role is to leverage resources ..Read More…