Monthly Archives: November 2016

Assessing Broken Cups

By Donald E. Baumeister

Recently, the horrific death in August 2016 of an emaciated 11-year-old boy has both the organizations charged with preventing such abuse in Los Angeles County, NASW members, and the public asking a common question: How could this tragedy happen when Yonatan Aguilar’s family had six documented contacts with the ..Read More…

Your Help is Requested

By Mirean Coleman

I have informed CMS of improper 2017 PQRS penalties CSWs are receiving and they have agreed to review PQRS penalties CSWs have received for 2017.

If you are aware of members who were inappropriately penalized, would you please provide me with their names, a copy of their PQRS Medicare portal, and ..Read More…

The Lashing Out  

By Carol Cole

Is it the newly elected

That screams in our faces

A message of evil demise

Or the peoples choice.

The majority

Resting on laurels

Of fast food and illusions of specialness.


Is it the newly elected

That engenders social inequality

Or the unfulfilled palates

Of a dying America

Disillusioned with ..Read More…

Never Give Up

By Janlee Wong, NASWCA Executive Director

Throughout the arduous and lengthy presidential campaign, we were subjected to incredible negative forces, running the gamut from calling Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals” to calling for the prosecution and imprisonment of the Democratic candidate. With each outrageous tweet or statement, which normally would spell the end of ..Read More…

The Misery of Solitary Confinement

By Mary Buser

A version of this article was published in The Crime Report

Last month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that solitary confinement will no longer be applied to inmates aged 21 and under who are held in city jails. That’s welcome evidence of ..Read More…

Who’s Your Hero? Nominations Wanted for California SW Hall of Distinction

The California Social Welfare Archives (CSWA) is accepting nominations for the 2017 induction class of the California Social Work Hall of Distinction. Social workers who receive this distinguished recognition are, or were: 1) original founders of the profession by virtue of developing standards or programs, 2) those who made extraordinary contributions to professional ..Read More…

Post-Election Action: 10 Ways to Take Action

1. Join or maintain your membership in NASW.  While this sounds a little self-serving, social workers need an ever stronger presence in Washington, DC and in state capitols. Imagine how we can fight regressive proposals and the abridgement of civil rights if we could double our lobbying efforts!  We know from organizing principles that ..Read More…

Legislative Scorecard for the 2016 Session

By Rebecca Gonzales, NASW-CA Director of Governmental Relations and Political Affairs

The National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter (NASW-CA) is proud to release our 2016 Legislative Scorecard.  NASW-CA represents over 10,000 professional social workers who have degrees from accredited social work programs.  NASW-CA advocates on behalf of our members and their clients, for ..Read More…