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Reflective Thinking in Social Work: Learning from Student Narratives (in press) Routledge

By Mekada J. Graham, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Work CSUDH

As I have just completed writing a book about reflective practice and student narratives, this month’s contribution to our newsletter will briefly map out some of its connecting themes including ..Read More…

Where Does the Power Really Lie for Incarcerated Parents?

By Jesus Limon, Esteban Plata, Carolina Ramirez, Lizeth Sebastian, and Yi Zhang

With Welfare Code 365.1, incarcerated parents are given the opportunity to reunify with their children. They are given some power in regards to their relationships with their children, which could impact their lives once they are released from prison or jail. There ..Read More…

Historic Gift Presented to USC School of Social Work

Social work pioneer—and two-time USC alumna—Suzanne Dworak-Peck has given an historic $60 million gift to USC. Her gift will endow and name the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.

Her exceptionally generous gift cements the school’s standing among the discipline’s most innovative institutions, and will significantly bolster its profoundly important work in our ..Read More…

Upcoming NASW-CA Statewide Disabilities Council Teleconference

The NASW-CA Statewide Disabilities Council will be conducting a statewide teleconference on Thursday, September 29th from 7pm-8pm for members to discuss upcoming disability council events, including state conference and our in-person council meeting, as well as future events, webinars, and ways for members to get involved.

Participation in the teleconference is encouraged and open ..Read More…

Unintended Consequences for Transitional Age Youth

By Colleen McDuffie, Eleanor Reid, Tunisia Nelson, Amanda Hernandez, Belinda Williams

Due to the infancy of the policy we are not really able to gauge its outcome. One of the unintended consequences of this is having these youth endure this policy when in actuality it does not work. Aside from that, as previously stated ..Read More…

American Red Cross/NASW-CA Statewide Council Teleconference



Monday, September 12, 2016
7-8pm Where: United States Presenter: Joni Diamond, LCSW and Barbara Colwell, LCSW Contact: Joni Diamond

Join the American Red Cross Council to learn how to become a volunteer from client BSW students to LCSWs to retirees! There amazing volunteer opportunities for every level and ..Read More…