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Does Your BBS Registration Expire After June 30, 2016?

Does Your BBS Registration Expire After June 30, 2016?

The following information was copied from the PDF document located on the California BBS website under “Exam News” at

Exam Restructure Information for Registrants

For your 2016 renewal: You will have to take the California Law & Ethics Exam in order to renew. For your 2017 renewal: If you did not pass ..Read More…

Please Contribute to these Disaster Relief Funds!


During the week of August 9 – 12, 2016 relentless rains fell and rivers swelled. Communities across South Louisiana flooded at historic levels. Even people living on high ground were forced to flee to makeshift shelters where they are being cared for by more fortunate neighbors.  Please click here ..Read More…

Region I Update

By Paul McDonough

Hello Region I Members:

Effective July 1st, I resigned my volunteer roles as Director of Region I and member of the NASW California Chapter Board of Directors to focus on enjoying paternity leave. Since starting graduate school and joining NASW in 2006, I have been a local volunteer leader, moving up ..Read More…

What’s in a Word? Culture

By Al Murdach, LCSW (retired)

This column explores the meanings behind words that are currently significant for social workers.  Today’s word is: “Culture.”

Social workers are currently bombarded with demands from the general public, employers, client groups, funders, academics, and social work authors that they must become more “culturally competent” in dealing with clients ..Read More…

Response to Opioid Addiction Skyrockets and Congress Works to Find Consensus on Opioid Bills

By Natalie Salinas

It is important for social workers to get informed about the opiate epidemic in the USA and important that the information they provide to both clients and the public/media include both the micro and also the macro causes and solutions.

In reading the various articles on the opiate epidemic in ..Read More…