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NASW Women’s Council: June 2016 Report to the Board

NASW Women’s Council: June 2016 Report to the Board

In January 2016, the Women’s Council presented two resolutions** to the CA Board, one urging the BBS to revise their application process, and a second supporting inclusion. Both were adopted and the board created a task force to implement the resolutions.

Task force members have attempted to establish a dialogue with BBS staff to ..Read More…


The Mental Health and Mathematics Institute of Los Angeles (MHMILA) is a startup 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing quantitative methods in psychology, social work, and the mental health clinic, providing free or low cost services to underserved communities in Los Angeles, and to supporting our next generation of researchers and professionals who wish ..Read More…

Restorative Justice Lives at Mule Creek State Prison

By G. Mari Erlandson, MSW

The Restorative Justice Act, AB 2590, is a bill authored by Assembly Member Shirley Weber that recently passed the Assembly floor and is moving to the Senate. This bill offers a sustainable, effective and rational approach toward crime and justice by giving more flexibility to judges in sentencing, and ..Read More…

Region H Unit Report

Conference Evaluation

The UCLA Social Welfare Latina/o Caucus is proud to report that once again, the Annual Social Services in the Latino Community Conference was a success. Gustavo Arellano, editor of OC Weekly, praised social workers for their humble work and encouraged them to continue working towards social justice for Latino communities. Guests enjoyed ..Read More…